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About Us

Detroit Mobile IV is a physician owned company

  • Dr. Diaz has 20+ years of medical experience and is a board certified, internal medicine physician from Cornell University. 

  • All appointments are conducted by Registered Nurses (RNs) with many years of ER, ICU, and/or Labor & Delivery experience. 

Areas We Serve

Detroit Metro Area | Hangover IV


Hadee was very knowledgeable and helped me decide which IV package would address my concerns. I have 3 little ones. Someone is always getting a cold. I was feeling a bit under the weather and congested. I decided on the Immunity Boost package. Just finished getting the IV therapy. I’m starting to feel a bit more energized already. Looking forward to seeing how I feel tomorrow. Highly recommended Hadee very prompt, courteous and organized. If you are not feeling under the weather give IV therapy a try. I was pleased with how soon I was feeling better after the treatment.

From the very minute I contacted Detroit Mobile, I felt at ease and felt like I would get good care, at a very concerning time. The nurse was absolutely amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and really took time to go over my concerns and thoroughly explained what treatment she would be providing and why. she has amazing bedside manner and I felt like I was with a friend. Thank you so much for making me feel better! I will definitely contact them again!

A stomach bug got me and I couldn’t keep anything down, had a terrible headache and cramps. Olivia, the nurse who came to give me a recovery IV was so nice! She was so professional, pleasant, helpful. Barely felt the IV and it really helped.  I highly recommend this service! Olivia is a true asset to Detroit Mobile IV!

Very fast service. I called and a nurse was out within an hour. The nurse arrived on time and was very nice and professional. She sat the whole time to make sure everything went ok. I would recommend to any who can’t get to the hospital but needs an IV and the extra vitamins to help them feel better.

I wasn’t feeling too well and needed to get an IV and didn’t want to go to hospital do a friend told me about this company and I am so thankful she did. The rn was absolutely amazing. I would definitely try this again and recommend it to anyone.

Natalie was fantastic! The health information was so helpful. Great service, timely and a joy to speak with. The IV service was quick. Will definitely use Detroit Mobile IV again!

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