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How Does IV Hydration Work?

When you drink water, it has to filter down through your whole digestive system before it can be absorbed. IV hydration works differently. The fluids are going directly into your bloodstream, where they can have an immediate impact on your body's hydration levels. You can absorb more fluids intravenously and those fluids start working faster to help you feel better.


Benefits of IV Therapy Include: 

  • Faster uptake: Instant uptake of fluids, medications and supplements by your body, so you feel better quicker.

  • Better absorption: Your body can better absorb vitamins, medications and supplements via IV more than via oral methods like pills (~50% of the vitamin is absorbed orally, while ~90% is absorbed in IV form).

  • Acute illness: When you're nauseous, have vomiting or diarrhea, stayed hydrated orally can be difficult.

  • Chronic illness: Bypassing digestion can be helpful - even necessary - for many sufferers of chronic illnesses, particularly those that impair digestive organs like IBS, IBD, GERD, Crohn's disease, Celiac disease and Colitis. 

  • Age: Our ability to digest and absorb vitamins from pills - and from food itself - gets worse as we age, and can lead to deficiencies. Even mild deficiencies in certain vitamins can lead to fatigue, brain fog and faster aging.

  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol and drug use can impact your ability to absorb the nutrients from pills, while at the same time depleting your body of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in order to process these toxins.

  • Diet: People on restrictive diets may not get enough of certain vitamins and minerals from food. 


What is IV Therapy Good For?

IV therapy may help with many different conditions including, but not limited to:

Are IV Drips Safe?

Yes. Our medical protocols are reviewed by our physician, MD owner, on a regular basis and administered by experienced

and highly trained registered nurses (RNs). All medical personnel are licensed and insured in the State of Michigan. 

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